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Giftly is software that is used to verify, track and test the integrity of gift card or credit card information.

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An efficient solution to verify all cards data.

Giftly is the most efficient framework to verify a card. It allows you to take the fastest route from the verification of a physical card to the activation of the associated app or website. In addition, Giftly uses a unique smart algorithm

"We have partnered with CardCheckers for several years and have found them to be extremely reliable, responsive, and helpful. Their service provides a robust framework that provides rapid verification through the use of a smart algorithm that runs very quickly to provide adequate information."

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Micheal Gough
Salisbury County

"Your service is extremely fast and efficient - both in terms of the speed of processing, and communication. I was very impressed with how quickly you were able to verify our information, especially since we were new customers. We will definitely be using your services again!"

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Jese Leos
Parachute Greeley Shell

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